Tuesday, April 28, 2009

keeping it real...

Today was another 1st for me...i did yoga! wow! i know..i'm still in shock myself :-) oooo...and on top of that, i did it at 5.30am! (jaw on the floor). How long this will be sustained, remains to be seen..but am glad that my teammates' good habits are rubbing off on me (ok, maybe not the running 10km in the morning habit..but yoga at 5.30am is pretty darn good, if i say so myself!).

On the work front today, I think I got to a good start. And though I am no expert in (anything..) business per se...but because I had to interrogate, I think I'm learning about sales, marketing, branding, accounting & finance systems etc... too :-) All a little daunting I must admit. But I do have the next 3.5weeks to figure this out...so we'll see..

Above all else, it has been an interesting adventure here & am still at awe of how trusting & relaxed Vietnamese are. They welcome any stranger from any walks of life with opened arms..no quandry! As an Asian myself, I find that surprising..which makes it a double whamy! Its a completely different world here...and in the midst of their (what seems to be) chaos, there is harmony, sense of purpose & utter calmness! Despite what I (as an outsider) see can be changed, I would caution myself, because to be honest, I think it is me/us that can learn from them. Besides, if the way they have done things have worked for yonks, then who the heck am I to say differently! No, I'm not trying to wiggle my way out from my assignment here...just keeping it real.

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