Saturday, May 2, 2009

HaLong Bay was fantastic!

If you're in need of some quiet, serene & tranquil time...HaLong Bay is highly recommended. It was our 1st weekend here in VietNam & decided to experience HaLong & CatBa as a team. Since there were 6 of us, we arranged for a private boat with individual cabins. I truly didnt expect our boat to be as luxurious as what it was - the deck was where we hung out most of the day & night. It was perfect to enjoy great company & breathtaking sites. I was also surprised at how cold it gets.

We spent about 2 hrs on our "yacht" (huh!) at which point we anchored & got to a smaller speed boat that took us to a cave island - I swear I have not climbed that many stairs at 1 go & then more walk-a-bouts in the huge cave... that was my week's exercise right there!

Next stop was CatBa town- where we had lunch & then on the boat to Monkey Island. The island was a little crowded with visitors, so we decided to skip the monkeys hence anchored nearby where some went swimming towards a private island. I stayed on the boat & there were some turbulent on board that made me feeling a little sea sick...

Thankfully we made our way back & hopped onto a bus & back to the wharf & on another beautiful "yacht". Our journey took us back to HaLong Bay & I got to soak in all that beautiful scenery for 1 last time..what bliss!

Though the journey was quite tiring (mostly because we were on & off boats & buses) but my favourite part was being on the boats sailing on HaLong Bay. Words cant describe how beautiful & serene it was! I would do that again in a heartbeat.