Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"katak bawah tempurung"

The more I get to know people around me, the more I feel bland, boring, uninteresting & just blah..
Here's the deal - everyone here have been places, seen places, done things I would never even crossed my mind, speak multiple languages & on top of all that...they are super smart! And all I can offer is "i've come across a cobra in my house!" yay! :-P

Am actually amazed at what other peoples' lives have been & are about. To a certain extent, I do envy that, but dont regret mine. One thing's for sure though..for those young & eager..I completely recommend you go out & explore the world...money, career etc can wait a month or so. It further reaffirms my hope for my boys to spend a gap year in some obscure place (as many as they can stomach) at some point in their young lives.
........oh how I miss them!


  1. Cobra only? What about the monkeys?! ;)

    Am sure your boys miss mommy too. And yes, I think the gap year is an excellent idea. My cousins from London did that and it really opened their eyes to how the world is like (besides being in the parent's care and the beautiful city called London)

  2. Yeah....am sure your boys miss ya too :) But wait till they hear all the stories and pics/videos of what mom has to share when she gets back...that'll be a whole lot of real life education for them! So...still floating around in Halongong Bay or something?? :)