Saturday, April 25, 2009

a big step

I have many things to be grateful for, but today as I touchdown, to what will be my new home for the next month, I am reminded how privileged i am to get to where i am now - amongst colleagues (meeting for the first time) with varied backgrounds, countries & experiences, but with a common goal - to do our organization, country & ourselves. We are in Vietnam to help various NGOs/SMEs better their business/problem solving. (sish..what consultan-y gibberish!). Bottom line we're trying to help with the socio-economic state of various entities - kinda like peace corp, but in/for business.

I cant believe i am actually here, doing this & will be here for 1 whole month! (Surely this earns me points with "The" man upstairs??!!!). God help me..or is it God help Vietnam?? huh!

This is truly a big step for me - leaving home, coming out here taking on an assignment i have not ever done before (solve the accounting & finance system..puh huh??!!), facing it all by myself (without my sturdy companions...hey all of you in KL - at least u have each other! boo hoo..) & 30 full days in a foreign land without comforts of home.
All said, I'm psyched!!! bring it on...

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