Sunday, April 26, 2009

am feeling a little guilty..

Today was our 1st work day. We met with our respective clients at VCCI. It was much like going on a first date. All 7 of us were seated round the table with spaces in between, for our interpretors & clients. Our clients came 1 by 1, for a short briefing & introductions. After which we were all whisked away to our individual workplace. A sense of nervousness swept through me, as I saw my teammates leave & thinking..."you're pretty much on your own now Ida!".
In walked a smiling lady & that was my client! She spoke very little English but a pleasant lady she was. She took me to her factory & workplace - which coincidentally was also her home. Did a quick tour of the factory & met with all her staff. Law & behold that was all i did!!! Oh and sipped tea & ate fruits!! Apparently today is the 3rd day of the lunar month & not good to start work/something new. My workday ended at noon! For the next month, I will be working there & she has even prepared a bedroom for me to rest in during lunch. Now this is what we call work-life balance!! :-)
Having said that, I will have my work cut out for me in this next month. Hope I can be of some use to them here. You know when people are that nice & earnest, the pressure of doing well & good is that much more. So I hope I dont dissappoint them.

Have to admit, I do feel a tad bit guilty & spoilt! We've got decent accomodation, am picked up to & fro every morning for work, half day on my 1st day & I have a bed in the office ,for crying out loud! Oh and did I mention its a 4-day weekend here this week & we're off to HaLongBay & CatBa island!

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  1. Goodness! This CSR thing is turning out to be more like a BRAVO Award trip for you! haha. Ok, what really caught my eye is the "room & bed in office" THAT'S good treatment :)

    Hey, glad that all this is happening for you more time to warm up, and speak Viet by next Mon?? :) take care!